There are 195 countries in the world today. Each country has its own cultures and traditions. Each of these cultures and traditions celebrate different things. So somewhere in the world today there is a celebration going on. There are also several groups and individuals that have introduced international days of observances over the recent few years, although, most have a limited following, and these are not holidays in any country. Many of these celebrations or days of observances may sound strange, for example, 1st November is “Give Up Your Shoulds Day” and on this day everyone is supposed to stop thinking about what they should have done or should be doing. There is also a “Cookie Monster Day”, “Book Lovers Day” and a “Doughnut Appreciation Day”. In fact, all of these fall in the month of November alone, although most people in the world have never heard of them. Major holidays are important for many businesses, since sales can increase significantly in the weeks leading up to the celebration, sometimes even by as much as 200% or more. However, for most countries, the overall impact of a holiday is a revenue loss due to reduced manufacturing production or other business revenue. For this reason, holidays have to be controlled and most governments do not introduce new holidays without very careful consideration of the economic impact.


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