When an animal or human being suffers from a burn injury, it can be classified under a “degree” depending on how serious the injury is. First degree burns are superficial burns that are usually not life threatening even if they cover a large area of the body. First degree burns should heal within 15 days. Most sunburns are first degree burns. Second degree burns are slightly more serious in nature. These can take up to three weeks to heal completely, however, they usually do not leave any scars. Third degree burns are very serious burns. These could be life threatening if they cover a large part of the body. Third degree burns can take months to heal or they may never fully heal. Third degree burns almost always leave scars. Fourth degree burns are the most serious kind of burn injury and usually mean that the burn injury has reached the bones. Amputation of injured limbs may be required in order to save the life of the burn victim. Fourth degree burns may also never heal and may require some form of medical treatment for the rest of the victim’s life.


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