If you’re enrolling your child to kindergarten, you might want to know about the usual kindergarten curriculum. Things what your child is going to learn in kindergarten may vary from state to state, however there are some general expectations. This article can give you the idea of what your kid will learn in kindergarten.

Those activities that were part of kindergarten are a long haul from the currently used kindergarten lessons plans. Today, children get to spend less time on play and more on academic interests like reading, writing and math. Many kids now get homework on daily basis.

Writing Goals

A kindergartner will learn these basics.

  • Write all letters in both lowercase and uppercase form.
  • Children will learn the ABC‘s until they nailed it. Since ABC is the foundation of learning how to read. This is why your child should know and eventually got that right by the end of year.
  • Not only they will review ABCs but teacher will also give a second look to their corresponding sounds.
  • In kindergarten, kids will also learn how to guess spelling with phonics.
  • A kindergarten curriculum also includes rhyming words, songs and stories.
  • They will be taught to recognize stand-alone letters as well as letters in words.
  • They should be able to write their first and last name.

Reading Goals

  • Story books are introduced so that they can read basic 3-5 letter words and finally the sentences. This will help your child to foster a love for reading books.
  • They will learn to imitate the sound heard at the beginning and end of words.
  • Another reading goal is to learn frequently-used words or sight words like “the,” “and” and “is”.
  • By sight, they should be able to identify and distinguish color words or common words.
  • They will learn how to put strings together by identifying characters, setting and the main theme of story.
  • They will be taught to use picture clues while reading.

Kindergarten Math

  • Children are taught to count things around the classroom, such as how many red color items are in a class, how many days are there in a week and the like.
  • In kindergarten math, kids begin to learn the names of numbers and counting in sequence.
  • Recognition of basic shapes, such as circle, rectangle, triangle and square.
  • They are taught to tackle basic addition and subtraction.
  • Some concepts are introduced to them like “more than” or “equal to.”
  • They should be able to distinguish between similar objects with same pattern and point them out.

Kindergarten Science

  • Kindergarten teachers will make them learn about animals and plants.
  • They will learn parts of body, five senses and their functions.
  • They will also learn about different seasons and they should know what clothes we wear in which season. Similarly, they are taught which foods are suitable for which season.
  • Kindergarten teachers make them familiar with few elements like earth, sand, rocks and water.
  • Teachers try to explore their world through experimentation and observation. They use their natural curiosity to teach them few important concepts related to science.


Once your child knows the basics, they can read, and write very well.

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