Education is a right of every person and enables us to be the best version of ourselves. While some people think that sending children to school is best for them, others believe that teaching their child at home is important. The concept of teaching at home is known as ‘home-school’. Usually, Kids from ages of 2-4 attend preschool. At this age, kids are at the peak of their development.

When choosing to homeschool their kids, parents have to decide the curriculum, the subjects, and the activities and look after the child’s progress. A lot of factors affect the quality of education they’re offering the kids. The resources and opportunities available to the tutor or parents affect the quality of education the kids are receiving. The capability of the tutor or parent also determines the kind of homeschooling the kids will receive.

Education plays an important role in the social, emotional, and intellectual development of the child; therefore it’s important to be consistent with quality.

Kids of ages 2-4 develop certain skills from 4 different categories.

  • Social development
  • Physical development
  • Emotional Development
  • Intellectual Development

Although every child progresses at different paces, all of them learn a lot through playing.

Kids around this age can:

Social Development

  • Enjoy around other kids
  • Enjoy group activities
  • Observe the environment and actions of people
  • Understand and respond to questions

Physical Development

  • Can dress themselves
  • Can play sports
  • Super proactive at this age
  • Can carry things properly

Emotional Development

  • Can get stubborn easily
  • Know what they want
  • Can easily feel negative

Intellectual Development

  • Have the ability to communicate their thoughts clearly
  • Be responsive to questions
  • Tell short stories
  • Speak brief sentences

Getting started on homeschooling might seem a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth the effort because you can watch your child’s progress closely and spend a lot more time with them.

 How to make homeschooling worthwhile

  • Be able to provide consistency. Consistency ensures quality of education that your kid receives. Be consistent with activities, tests and teaching methods.
  • Your curriculum should be as simple as it can be. You can either make a daily schedule or a weekly schedule of what lessons you’d like to cove
  • Have regular outings as a family. Plan field trips and play dates so your child benefits from these outings socially.
  • Keep a track of time. Spend 15 minutes reading and 15 minutes writing. Divide your time between having fun and teaching.
  • Read all the time. Make your child sit with you and read books with illustrations and listen to audio books. This will develop their pre-reading skills.
  • Develop their motor skills. Make them play with play dough, crayon, paint and crafts.

Homeschooling allows a lot more flexibility in development of certain skills. Kids become more engaged in learning activities and studying when being homeschooled because they feel a lot more relaxed. Kids at this critical age should have strong basic preschool skills to avoid any academic challenges they might face in the future.

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