Man Holding Colorful Plastic Toy Letters In His HandsWhen young children or toddlers start to learn how to speak, parents should encourage them by creating as many opportunities for conversation as possible.

Teaching children a wide variety of new words will give them the abilities to match their interest and enthusiasm for conversation.

In this article we look at the words that should be taught to children who are just learning how to speak.

Words to convey common feelings:

  • hot, cold, hungry, full, tired, sleepy

Words commonly used in social gatherings:

  • yes, no, sorry, you, me, good bye

Words commonly used to describe things:

  • up, down, above, below, big, small, tiny, smelly, clean, dirty, fast, slow, tidy, untidy

Words commonly used when playing games:

  • catch, throw, roll, rough, gentle, team, start, finish, turn, play, slowly, quickly, fair, wait, stop, start, slippery, careful, run

Other common nouns (in no order):

  • cat, dog, bird, tree, grass, house, plate, cup, fork, spoon, bottle, milk, bus, air plane, boat, helicopter, car, van, ball, book, flower, chair, table, crayons, markers, pencils, paper, clock, time, lion, tiger, monkey, cake, candles, sun, moon, stars, sea, wind, shoes, socks, shirt, blouse, pants, hair, hat, watch, ring, necklace, chain, telephone, lamp, fan, towel, water, milk, juice, butterfly, horse, apple, cheese, bubbles, shower, soap, ice-cream, bananas, vegetables, fruits

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