Using Printed Worksheets To Teach Children

Mother And Daughter Learning To Read At Home Young children below the age of 8 are not going to teach themselves using worksheets, no matter how amazingly well designed they are.

Like most other educational tools designed for young children – worksheets are exactly that – tools. Parents must use these tools to create interest and enthusiasm in the child towards learning.

1. When using printed worksheets to teach children, parents have to sit with them and gently guide and coach them while they complete activities.

2. While it may be tempting for parents to constantly correct their children and keep them always “colouring within the lines”, parents also have to be mindful give their children space to explore, learn and grow at their own pace.

3. Parents also need to have realistic expectations of how much can be accomplished every time they sit down with their children to do worksheets. A child’s attention span is very short and the novelty of any activity fades quickly and easily. Worksheets that are designed for extended periods of repetitive actions rarely work with children, such as worksheets designed for writing the letters several times over and over again.

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